We are working towards a bus
transportation plan, both between
the main Towns and Villages in Charlotte County and with Saint John and Fredericton.

We ask that you fill out and return this survey so that we may be able to identify the specific needs in our community.
Charlotte County Transportation Survey.doc

 Transportation Survey


Schedule of all Board and Committee Meetings
(check frequently as they occasionally change)


Meetings Calendar


                   January 2018

                        Coastal Link Trail

              January 24th
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                      PRAC Meeting

    6:30 P.M.,Febuary 12th
    WC O’Neill Arena Complex Theater

Proposed Condo development 260 water Street
 Saint  Andrews

The Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission is accepting résumés for Casual Operations Workers. This résumé pool will act as a database to draw possible applicants from on an as needed basis. These jobs are primarily based on skilled and unskilled landfill, recycling and construction duties that are performed at the SNBSC waste management operation in Lawrence Station, NB, Canada. These positions are casual part time to provide additional workers for special projects, cover vacations and/or sick calls.  Shifts/hours may fluctuate depending on need. Details are available on our website at www.snbsc.ca. SNBSC Applications available online are to be filled out and submitted to SNBSC.

                      Board Meeting

    6:00 P.M., Thursday February 22
    Hemlock  Knoll
    Sanitary Landfill

                   Febuary 2018

Two Opportunities Posted

pdf sybLandscape Architect

pdf sybPlanner


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